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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Game: Chicken Pool Noodle Polo (AKA: "Chicken Soup")

A Summer time Classic is REBORN with "Chicken Pool Noodle Polo", also known as "Chicken Soup"....

Supplies: a beachball or similar light weight ball, and enough pool noodles for every two people.

Playing Area: a pool

Rules and Game Explanation: 
The simple explanation of this game is it is he old game of "Pool Chicken Fight" meets the game of "Equestrian Polo".

Divide into two teams and then have everyone pair up.  Have one person choose to be the "Horse" and the other the "Rider" or assume "Chicken Fight" positions.  Have each team go to opposite ends of the pool/playing area.  Set up a goal at each end or simply have the each end wall be the goal. Hand each rider a pool noodle.  Set the ball in the center of the playing area or at "Go" throw it out into the pool

The rules are basic- the players must hit the ball using only their pool noodle to score a goal.   No hands or body parts are allowed to hit the ball.  You can decide if you would like to allow pushing and knocking other players off into the water- that is where the "Chicken Fight" element comes in.

* It is a great game to slow down the chicken fights that usually happen at pool parties and also gets more people involved that may not want to only chicken fight.

In your indoor playing area (gym...) or even on an outdoor playing area.  Play "PIGGY BACK POOL NOODLE POLO". Similar rules and idea as above.  Using a light ball/beach ball and pool noodles have a goal set up at each end of your playing area.   The biggest obvious difference for safety is riders will be riding piggy-back style instead of on someone's shoulders!

* NOTE: In a gym setting we have sometimes replaced the pool noodle with hockey sticks but still used a beach ball!!


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