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Thursday, August 16, 2012

"We are Expecting!?" (Leader Expectations for a NEW Year)

 Here is part of what I hand out to my leaders at the beginning of ever year. We have a big cookout/training/orientation night a few weeks before our new youth group year starts. Each year I tweak a few things and HIGHLIGHT a few things based on the previous year. 

Feel free to cut/paste, steal, borrow and do whatever you like with what I have here. Hopefully it will save you a bit of time and be helpful for your new year!!? I will be posting up a PART 2, next week of what I give out to parents and students as "Expectations" for them!  

If you would like this in a PDF or Word Document, let me know I would be happy to send one to you!  
Because of so may requests---* UPDATE 2/21/13- CLICK HERE (for PDF)
What You Can Expect From Dan
· Biblical Structure and Leadership
· Pastoral Accountability with Truth and Love
· Spiritual & Emotional Encouragement
· Training and learning opportunities both as a leader and as a believer
· Communication, support and direction (receiving a “weekly email update” from me)
· A clear Vision and Challenge to develop the ministry
· Working hard to ensure that you are successful
      * As well as all of the following expectations for youth leaders

Expectations of Youth Leaders
· Strong personal relationship with Christ as Savior
· Strong personal committed Christian lifestyle
· Strong home and family life, that can be an example to students
· Faithful weekly attendance of church, small group and Sunday school is strongly recommended
· Dressing modestly and appropriately, so that no student or adult falls into lust
· If you are unmarried and/or dating you will remain sexual pure and be above reproach in your relationship (s)

Youth Ministry
· Faithful and committed attendance of youth group, as well as activities & programs
    * call DAN before 3pm Weds. if you can not make it on an evening
    * expected of your own children as well
· Attendance of monthly youth leader’s meetings– 2nd Sunday, 5-6:30 of Every Month (Sept-May)
· Overall support, respect , and accountability of ministry, fellow leaders, and Berean Baptist Church
    * will not criticize, be negative or gossip toward ministry, leadership, fellow leaders, students of the church      (*especially in front of or to students)
   * go to the that person directly, if you have an issue or something that needs to be discussed  ( Matt 18)
· Ministry and interaction with all students of the ministry, not only those in your small group
· Wholehearted participation in all activities and games (as physically possible) during a youth group evening
· Active involvement in looking for ways to make the meetings and programs run more smoothly, being willing to address disruptive students, and enforce “student expectations”
· Being on time for youth group and all activities
· Communicate not only with students but also with parents about ministry and activities
    * inform Dan of issues or areas of concern that need to be brought to his attention
· Stay positive even when things go wrong
· Appropriate interaction with students and fellow leaders of the opposite sex, including not being alone in a room, car, or elsewhere.
· Allow a yearly background check
· Transporting students will require seatbelts to be worn, and drive safely and at the speed limit

· Small Group Responsibilities
- weekly leadership
   * respect schedule times (lesson, game…)
   * involved in all areas of the Weds. Night Schedule
   * follow and do what is assigned for small group times
   * assist in maintaining focus during large group times (announcement, lesson…)
   * clean up and maintain your small group room
- regular contacting (email, phone, text, facebook…), and follow up
- scheduling personal contact outside of group, through visits, attendance of activities, …
· Paperwork ( folders)
- Weekly attendance sheets
- Weekly small group reports
- Special event forms and money
· Activities, Events, Retreats, and Trips
Attendance, planning & assistance of activities and events, unless otherwise informed (* See Tentative 2010-2011 Calendar)
-  Attendance of FALL ADVANCE(Oct. 19-22)
-  Tentative commitment to Attend: WINTER RETREAT- "Believe" Event (Feb 22-23)
-   Consider a summer missions trip (July 7th, July 22-27th)

What students need from youth leaders
Changing our world, happens one student at a time. Students do not CONNECT to programs, they CONNECT to people who are present in their lives. Our goal is to develop leaders who will minister to students. Our youth group needs leaders who will:
• Love God and Love THEM (unconditionally and sometimes sacrificially)
• Be interested in their lives
• Take initiative to spend time with them
• Pray for them
• Be real
• Say encouraging words
• Believe in them
• Laugh & show true JOY!
• Go to “their world”
• Remember their names and care for them
• Share God’s love through personal experience
• Be consistent in life and ministry
• Be patient
** Be a leader, not a peer. You are the adult!!

Personal Boundaries
Utilize careful judgment at all times in the exercise of personal freedom, particularly when associated with and/or relating to students, either publicly or privately. We recognize that many of us have opinions and practices on certain lifestyle issues that differ from one another. Lifestyle issues are complicated further by the reality that we are in a position of trust and influence in the youth ministry. Therefore, with respect to such issues as the use of language, entertainment, and other behavioral matters that are open to abuse, misuse and misunderstanding, the following Biblical principles must be followed:
The Bible condemns self-indulgence while commanding self-control (Gal. 5:19-25).
The Bible commands respect of one’s body (1 Thes. 4:4; 1 Cor. 6:18-20).
Community interests are to be put ahead of self-interest (Phil. 2:3-5).
Personal liberty is to be set aside:
When its exercise could hinder a student’s spiritual development;
When its exercise could be misunderstood in such a way as to hinder one’s own witness, or that of our student ministry.

Social Media:
The main web-based and media communication tool for our ministry is Facebook (  You are not required to have a facebook page, but are strongly encouraged to consider having one.  Due to the use of facebook and other social media resources (twitter, 4square, and texting), we have some expectations:
· All communication should be positive, appropriate and is not intended to offend, demean, or criticize. Additionally, gossip and rumors are still a sin even if they are not “spoken” (Eph. 4:31)
· Communication with the students of the opposite sex should be in a open public forum (*wall or comment box)
· Pictures & videos posted or sent should be appropriate, modest, and should not include actions, lifestyle, or practices that would offend (*see above)
· Social media is an opportunity to extend your positive connection, communicate with students and “go to their world”, but it is not your role to “police” or “filter”. 

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