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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Service/Outreach: "Cash Mobbing"

"A 'Cash Mob' is a new trend in which people use social media to plan organized events, providing a way to join together and support local businesses. The concept is simple: with $20 in hand, members of a community come together to shop in a locally-owned establishment to support their favorite local business and support the area economy." 
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If you have never heard of it think "flash mob" with money.  You find a local business and show up with a group and shop,spend and encourage them.  I minister about an hour from Cleveland, OH and began to hear about these over the last couple months, and now recently they have begun to start popping up in our own local area.

My thought and idea is what a great opportunity for Christians and our JH/MS students to "put their money where their faith is"!  What an amazing outreach and witness it could be in your area, for your students, their families and even your whole church to "Cash Mob" a local business that is struggling to stay a float!   Easy to organize and easy to make into a Fun Event Night!  No preaching, tracts, or cheesy tricks, just plain simple "actions speaking louder than words, and money speaking louder than both"!!  

CLICK HERE to find out more, get a step by step guide to plan your own cash mob or check the calendar to find out how to join in as a youth group with one that is already happening near you!

Here is a video showing the founder and one of the first Cash Mobs in Cleveland, OH in 2011!

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