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Monday, May 14, 2012

Top 10: JHers & Senior Saints are the Same?

  *This is dedicated to Pastor Jim Berry, our "Berean Gold/Second Half 4 Him" Pastor at my church.  He and his wife, Judy are awesome.   I love them both to death.   Even though it would seem like the two of us are on to two different ends of the spectrum of ministry, we are NOT!?

Ways that JH students & Senior Saints are the SAME!

10. Forgetful and get lost easily

9. "Catty" gossiping females

8. Clothes that look like it belongs in a thrift store

7. Words, lingo & jokes no one else gets

6. Just want to hang out and talk in their cliques

5. Talk way to LOUD all that time!

4. Listen to music that no one else knows or likes

3. FREE FOOD is the key to get them to show up to any event

2. Can't drive, so they always need a ride somewhere

1. Funny hair colors and styles!  (sometimes varying shades of blue?)

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