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Monday, March 12, 2012

Top 15: Worship Clappers.

Clap on, Clap Off...Worship Jesus...Worship CLAPPERS!!

You know you have done it.  We work with 6th/7th/8th Graders, we all have a little touch of ADHD, especially in church.  During a great praise and worship time you look around and start watching everybody.  It happened to me recently.  Here are the results of my mental list and ran-dumbness....

15. The Swinger- hands at the sides swing them forward, clap, swing them back down, swing them back up...
14. The Toy Monkey- hand directly in front of chest, big smile...
13. The Rock Star- hands over the head, circa 1985 Bon Jovi concert
12. The Thigh Master- one hand clap on the thigh
11. The Pocket Protector- hands in pocket, the undercover secret thigh master
10.  The Seal- hands dangling in front of the body, you can almost hear the "arf..arf..."
9. The Billy Club- one hand open palm, bulletin clapping
8. The Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heavens Door- one hand fist knocking on the chair or pew in front of the them
7. The Square Dancer (*aka the Hee Haw)- clap and foot stomp, clap and foot stomp
6. The Flip Flopper- left palm up clap, flip right palm up clap, left palm up clap....
5. The Air Clapper- the clapping version of the air guitar they never actually make contact, they just pretend to clap
4. The Metronome- sway left clap, sway right clap, sway left clap...
3. The Tarzan (*aka The King Kong)- the one hand chest clap
2. The Pac-Man- heel of hand touching light clap
AND #1...The Mosquito- clapping everywhere any where, all over...just trying to get that pesky mosquito that got in to service??

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